About Us

Sweitzer Hollow Goats was established in 2007 when we purchased our first herd of Boer-Kiko cross goats. We quickly discovered that the Kiko breed was more parasite resistant and had much better maternal instincts. By 2010 we transitioned our herd over to all registered Kiko stock. In 2012, we added several full blood Savanna doe and a full blood Savanna buck to our herd. We are crossing him with our Kiko doe to produce large framed kids with lots of muscle. If you are looking for hardy, forage based goats with muscle in your herd, Savannas are the way to go. They have proven to be parasite tolerant and have great maternal instincts. We are also proud to announce that we are a Cooperative Breeder with Luton Meat Goat Company and using BHF bucks. Today we continue to raise quality Kikos for registered breeding stock and commercial herds. We register our Kiko goats with the National Kiko Registry.  We are a family run farm and all members of the family help with the goats at some time during the season. We love to have people come visit our farm and talk to us about goats. Delivery is always available.

We are located in the rolling hills of Seven Valleys, PA, 10 miles south of York and just off Interstate 83.